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Welcome to First Congregational Church of Cape Coral
Welcome to       First Congregational Church          of Cape Coral

Whatever you do to the least of these, you do to Me.

Monies are collected each month for an organization that is carefully screened & selected by the Mission Committee.



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                          Congregational Churches Philippines


The NACC-Congregational Churches Philippines is a church planting and church-edifying ministry.  Started by the Rev. Ernanie Castillo and his wife, Awit, in the early 1990s, it is the first and distinct Congregational Way bearer since the Congregationalists left the Philippines in early 1900s.


This mission is a "Faith Ministry", and has for its motto: "Faith honors God and God honors Faith. "With 22 growing and vibrant churches, including 3 tribal churches, and 3 church-run schools, sponsorship of more than 100 children, and a growing number of serving youth, God has proven his faithfulness, despite the limited resources.


All of the churches have faithful pastors who are hard-working despite being underpaid. One pastor converted a communist party member who’s now pastoring an urban poor community.  Two elders, unjustly imprisoned due to dirty politics,are spreadingthe gospel in jail.  One pastor,a former student leader during his Bible college years, is now a very productive leader of our church. He declined high-paying offers from other churches because of his love for our people.  Another pastor, a fisherman by trade, gave his own money to aid his worker’s family who were starving. 


This mission has a big project to help train youth to take on the leadership in the future and enable self-sustainability By faith, they are determined to put up a camp site and retreat center.  Besides their own use, the facilities can be rented to other churches and groups.  This will help further the “Congregational Way” and carry on what God has been doing through NACC. The more than 3,000 sq. meter land purchased in a tourist favorite city is waiting to realize this vision.


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